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Different Types of Kitchen Islands

Types of Kitchen

Kitchen islands are a great addition to any kitchen. They are stylish, elegant, and could really be the focal point of your kitchen. Aside from that, kitchen islands won’t only make your kitchen more gorgeous – kitchen islands are functional additions to your home that can raise its value.

For a lot of kitchen remodeling projects, modern homeowners decide to add a kitchen island in their kitchens. You don’t have to have a really spacious kitchen for you to be able to build a kitchen island. Even a small space can accommodate one.

There are various types of kitchen islands you can add to your kitchen depending on your need:

Portable kitchen island – Kitchen islands are typically built over your kitchen floors; they are attached to your floors and are immovable. Portable kitchen islands are not attached to your floors and can just be purchased at the stores and put on your kitchen. They can be a great choice if you are not certain yet if you really want a kitchen island and you just want to see if you really do.

Storage or cabinet island – Unlike the portable kitchen island, a storage or cabinet island is built in and can be considered permanent as it is attached to the floor. As the name implies, storage or cabinet islands have storage on its base which could be in the form of drawers or cabinets.

Dining island – Kitchen islands are commonly built to get an additional area for cooking. Dining islands can be used not just as a cooking space, but as another dining space as well. Dining seats are placed around or on one side of the island.

Sink and/cooktop island – Sink islands have built-in sinks and cooktop islands have cooktop islands; and sometimes, these two components are built in just a single island. These kitchen islands were built to facilitate full-blown cooking. You can also put some cooking appliances on it as electrical outlets are built into this type of kitchen island.