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Energy-Saving Home Renovations

Energy-Saving Home Renovations

Many homeowners go through with a home improvement project with one goal in mind: make my home look more beautiful.

There really is nothing wrong with that, especially if it’s been a while since you have updated your home design. But, while you’re at it, you might want to take advantage of making your home an energy-saving one. Besides Saving energy and money, you may even apply for some rebates from BC Hydro and other companies like Fortis BC.

Nowadays when people are continuously looking for new ways to save energy, it is the best time for anyone to take the opportunity to save energy in your home, too. An energy-saving home won’t only increase the value of your property, it could also help you save money as it will make you cut down on your energy consumption and bills.

There are many ways you can make your home energy-saving:

  • In your next renovation, switch to windows and doors that are energy-efficient. Energy-efficient doors and windows are much more effective in keeping the home well-insulated. Thermal insulation also has an added benefit of sound proofing your home as well.
  • Replace your light bulbs with energy-saving models. LED lights, for instance, consumes 75% less energy or electricity than incandescent lights.
  • Switch to energy-efficient home appliances. Lights aren’t the only items in your home you can replace with energy-efficient alternative options. You can buy energy-efficient refrigerators and air conditioners, too.
  • Have insulated pipes installed? Insulated pipes will help make your water warm faster, therefore reducing energy use.
  • Apply a roof coating on your roof. A roof coating will help your roof reflect heat, thus keeping your home cooler during summer.
  • Replace your roof with cool roofs. If you really want to choose the most energy efficient roofing option, switch to a cool roof, if possible. Cool roofs are highly reflective and can be very effective in reflecting heat away from your home. When your home is cooler in the summer, there would be no need for you to adjust your air conditioning system.
  • During the renovation, have your contractor check your existing home insulation for any faults. The sooner you detect any problem with the insulation, the sooner you can fix it. Any fault in the insulation means wasted energy.