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Low Maintenance Flooring Options for Your Home

Low Maintenance Flooring

All of us want to come home to a clean home. Dust-free furniture, fresh-smelling home, and sparkling floors are just some of the most wonderful things any homeowner would love to come home to.

However, sometimes, no matter how much we love having a clean home, not all of us have the time to scrub our floors clean every single day. But that doesn’t mean that we are left with no other choice but to leave our floors dirty.

The solution? Low maintenance floors.

Flooring materials that require low maintenance are a godsend to many exhausted homeowners who want to keep their homes clean but simply don’t have the energy to do so.

Here are some of the flooring materials that are quite easy to maintain:

Ceramic tile – Ceramic tiles are durable and are easy to maintain. On top of that, they are resistant to water and stain. Any spill on ceramic tiles can easily be wiped clean with a regular rag. Dust can be removed from ceramic tiles by sweeping.

Natural stone – Natural stone flooring don’t just look spectacular, they are also incredibly hard-wearing and strong. And the best part? They are very easy to maintain. Just like ceramic tiles, they are resistant to water and stain. Natural stone floors have high resistance against scratches, too. Light mopping would be more than enough to clean natural stone flooring.

Concrete – Concrete is very strong, long -lasting, and easy to clean. Just a little bit of dusting and occasional mopping will be able to remove any dirt from concrete floors. While some might regard concrete as a boring material for floors, that’s actually not true. You can add beautiful, customized patterns to concrete floors through stamping.

Laminate flooring – Laminate flooring looks like hardwood, but can even be better than genuine wood in terms of ease of maintenance. Hardwood may be easy to clean, but are vulnerable against scratches and can be damaged by water. Laminate flooring can be cleaned by a regular mop, is water resistant, and is scratch proof. Also, it is significantly cheaper than hardwood flooring. If you’re looking for energy saving tips for your home please check out our energy saving blog.